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Welcome to LA Business Recovery

Based in Uxbridge & London

During these unprecedented times, we sincerely wish you all a safe journey towards recovery. You may be experiencing a number of challenges at this time; we are here to provide you with guidance and advice that would be pertinent to your situation. There have been a number of edicts coming through the government and various channels to Insolvency professionals. We wish to pass on to you as much free advice as possible.

Rescue is always our priority but in the event where this is not achievable, we pride ourselves on our record of creating the best possible outcome for all involved. My team is on hand to help you through this period of uncertainty.

LA Business Recovery is a firm of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners based in Uxbridge, Middlesex and London. The Insolvency Team has over 25 years of practical experience in helping directors, companies and individuals to find their way in times of financial difficulty. Contact us today to obtain your free advice.

Our expertise covers

Members Voluntary Liquidations (a solvent liquidation); CredItors Voluntary Liquidations (an insolvent liquidation); Administration, Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA); Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA); Bankruptcy; Director Disqualification; Debt Restructuring.

We also provide Creditor guidance on insolvency procedures.

We are supported by a range of independent experts, who may be best placed to advise you on industry-specific issues you are experiencing. They are experts in tax, most areas of law, property, funding, banking, cross-border matters, dispute resolution & litigation.